Tuesday, June 2, 2015

intuitive intelligence of the heart

my mind in tune with my real desires
real needs being met
real deeds always well thought out
words spoken with out of fear and pain
or hate

if god is real, this force is in every one of us
the voice with in us which is silent unless sought out

close your eyes
remember what is real and what you want to be happy here
on earth
your home and where you are now

touch everything in your mind
the ideas which matter to you
stroke them with fondness and forgiveness
do wrong no more
scheme no more
stay quiet and think things through
what do you want to be happy here?

Money..of course..more please and thank you!
Great foods? Oh, Oh yes, please and thank you!
Nice shoes to cover your feet
nice friends to listen when you grieve
about your pain now and again, please and thank you..
and laughter all the time
laughing instead of crying.
love making to the fullest fulfillment..

"Why are you sad my muffin?"
"Forget it, you wouldn't understand!"
"Try me."
"ok, here it is..........and then....and now...this!"
"you are laughing at me!"
":(, because it is funny, that is why I laugh. You are gonna make your self sick over this one thing in life when you have so many adventures ahead! Look at all the good in you and how so many rely on that heart felt goodness."
"okay, it is kind of funny!":)

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