Monday, August 10, 2015

More reclusive, yes..Venus still retro

You need this time to do things for yourself not just to latch on to anyone who will love you enough.

You look fear in the eyes and say what is on your heart's mind. I wish we could all be perfect like that.

It is about six in the morning and just wonderful outside. The creatures of the night are still singing and it rained just a touch in the deep night...I love it. I love it, love it!
I plan to clean the soap shop today and ship some orders out.
Later I will watch Doctor Who because the new ones are on Netflix.

Venus is still retrograde and my reclusive time. I cannot abide the stress of the herd. It is so stupid like the two chicks who went to a Bernie Sanders thing to scream and yell and do nothing good, except scream and yell.
Every life matters and you should be kind and respectful when a genius speaks..listen..hear what the ideas are saying. That was what the event was for, not a bunch of bad crap. he had to leave because it got so heated.
It upset me a little and I must say, anger is a strange thing.
Also you do not see, the really smart people yelling and screaming to get their points see smart words and ideas presented...
Too bad humans are so emotional..we might all learn something extra each day.

Also:) and since I turned this in to a political observance, Donald Trump is funny.
How can he be a dignified leader when he begins by name calling?  Some women who are not as pretty and have loud booming voices, still deserve the sunshine of life (gods love and all that) on their head just like you, Donny..why the name calling?
(it comes from having it all and thinking you can say and do anything..greed and tyranny is a monster)

Sigh about the world and them.

We should all simply meditate in the morning and stretch and say, "hello"
to the day
your feet as they touch the fluffy carpet by your bed to greet your heart's mind
free to become better
free to live clean

it is a beautiful thing.

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