Friday, August 7, 2015

In a raspy voice she asked if you would like another

I am very glad about all the ladies and men who got a dragon's blood with vetiver soap. Man it smelled good! I only got a wee sliver myself and I thought it was a little different and better at lingering on the skin a for a while after you use it.
I love when I go to bed, having a good final hand wash,and then I snuggle in the clean scented sheets and the aromas come together and I drift off.

This whole Venus retrograde..and even though I want to say "fuck you", but I wont. I mean it is, what it is, we make Venus have attributes like we make God have them and it is all hearsay anyhow..our mental energy must be pretty powerful then, and then in its own way connected to the physical magnetism.
All I know is hurts a little. My kids are growing up and one by one leaving the awesome next I have provided. I do  my best, and I hope they think more as they age about everything I may have taught them.
Their dad? He had good qualities and I hope that they have more self control and less hate than him..
let us talk about him another day..too much time wasted on what could be is ridiculous.
I am not sad about it..I feel like I have a very strong positive life, no matter what I do.I hope you do too.
Do not let one small episode in your life get you in a tizzy for years. It is silly to waste your good like that. You are wonderful. Know that! Live it too. Be always clean and tidy and smelling like a wonderful aroma that is only you.

Venus retro though, and being a Libran has shown my mind many, many things.
I see sweet loving babes hurting, and realizing things and just being drawn by new brain chemicals to uncontrollable for so many. is it the internet which is making people want to have pretend sex?
That is so weird to know in my heart I do not find pleasure in pretending. I like real. I am a witch in that way who uses intending forces to make a real things I can use. That is a witch. Too bad there isn't another word. If I were a male, I  could harness the words, "guru", "teacher", "yogi""chef", but, as soon as a woman begins to define herself, she must break barriers...yes?
The trick is to use forces which define you as a leader, if that is what you choose. It is like oh, if I tear up it is more accepted so I can tear up if need be..I mean not wailing crying. ;)
You can say.."oh, excuse me, I am a little emotional at the moment, but about this idea?"
A man boss could not do that.
I don't think so.
Venus is about gender and how our ideas of gender from even ten years ago have changed. Being bi-sexual is normal in my daughter's circles and a new kind of youth.."she/he is "pan-sexual"
pan sexual.."Fine I will call your fiend Lola, "Rafael" now!"
He visits all the time and is a really cute kid. His mother will lock him out for the night if he is late.
"don't you have a key, babe?"
"yes, but she dead bolts it from the inside."
in my mind..
"yes because that is what a good Italian Catholic would do because Jesus said so, bitch, your boy girl is 21, open the fucking door!"
3 seconds later...
"Oh, I am sorry babe, you can always crash on my couch if need be:)"
He said thank you and left, hastily.

I do not see the point about "God is love" and then that is it. Humans stop, it seems to be good enough to say but actually to live is another thing. that is when the apologists come and make reasons for how God uses that love.

I am going to use my lovely energies to make some really good things and each one being like a well thought out dish. Delicious and beautiful, earthy, rich and smelly in the best ways.

I will nurture my soap shop in such a way that it will always inspire and excite in unique ways.

I wish to make my whole back yard a sustainable food and herb farm. Something in between a farm and an urban garden. Each year, I have dug up more space to grow food and make my tiny space healthy and useful.

At work, I will be honest and speak my mind,

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