Sunday, August 2, 2015

more ramblings on herbs and potions

My review on jewel weed balm..I feel like jewel weed in its most raw form is most effective for poison ivy. Other wise for other skin ailments, it is perfection. Poison ivy needs to dry up and not be itchy that is how it can be controlled. 

When I first thought I had poison ivy, I right away took a handful of jewel weed and crunched it up and rubbed it everywhere. It was cool. I felt it was over. It was over, for a week, I bragged on how awesome jewel weed is..and it is very nice, thank goodness we have it!
That was a week ago and now, the poison still wants to spread. I will not let it but it is ridiculously tenacious poison!

My remedy so far is active applications of raw jewel weed and then in between I made a spray with alcohol from grain and essentials oil. frankincense mostly and patchouli and ok, neroli and bergamot. At least I smell good while I suffer. After a hot salty shower, I apply the balm. Awe!

I hear people loved that salty tea tree soap with jewel weed and mint..I feel like that one was awesome.

I would like to thank all my awesome customers for keeping us afloat happily with awesome orders this summer,
thank you so much!
Next, and soon, will be a flurry of soap making.

ghost of frankincense is in high demand and I feel it a keeper for sure!

bergamot with smokey vetiver and oolong tea and dragons blood

( I have one secretly saved back)

Old whore, we need more of her forgotten ways..her style and sense of grace
her poise and delight
her strong face to fear
her readiness to be fem-goddess

a woman
be a woman
be a real woman
do not lie to me
do not treat me badly
do not think I cannot see it when you are sad

I am not your beast in a cage
I am free and think with my woman brain
and I like it

ah the whore, she always inspires me:)


  1. thank you for keeping us smelling so good!
    keeping us clean and smooth!
    got complimented on scent last week - we were saying how good you smelled an he thinks patchouli is part of it. i told them about the wonder of - old whore - in all her forms.

  2. Thank you right back babe! It is the oils that speak big things!
    I love you Lisa!