Thursday, August 27, 2015

Full Moon News

There is to be a full moon on August 29th. You however have been preparing for about a week due to   un- preventable exits.
Everyone is changing for the better even though it feels like sorry or isn't.
Things sometimes do not fit right. people loose feelings or have too much of them. They have addictions to their devices and porn or actual drugs which only feel good those first few times.
Hey man if your lover stays on his phone and tablet through the night and then gets mad when you ask, "what is up" by saying, "why, don't you trust me?" and then he or  she hides their phone and makes pass codes..??
Addictions are so interesting..and humans lie to themselves more than any other creature, I am sure of that. is hard to take .. so one must face the facts.
People do not like to understand the truth when fantasy is so much more exciting.
Like the idea that a secret government population control committee made the Ebola virus because they want Africa for themselves..

It is air born and we've tracked it origin in Germany( via Africa as Marburgh, 1965) and tracked why and how and when it spread from Africa,
I mean, who ever this Luminoti are, they are just as susceptible to getting this awful awful deadly disease.
If it is in the air, it will be easy!

Are there secret cults like this?
I really do think that, no. If the evil priests that have  secretly or so they thought,molested millions of boys through the years, if they were exposed and could not hide that tragedy which is continued today..then no, I do not think this theory is even remotely correct.
Maybe I am wrong but evidence is evidence.
And now with the internet, almost nothing can remain a mystery. Even the most far fetched stories come out. Just read the daily mail if you can stand the snarly remarks and worship of only youth and beauty.
 One can waste a lifetime pretending and never actually live a good life. Wishing and never being fulfilled. Dreaming and hoping that things will be as they seem on the screen. One can basically get any sort of lover they might want and it is all pretend at first. Hey it feels good the first few times, like drugs.

This full moon is about money ( and being frugal)
health and food that we eat

Comfort and organizing what needs done..lets us attend!

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