Sunday, August 30, 2015

"I'll pray for you"

Which means, "you are a heathen and need my help because I have a thing with Jesus because we can sit  together in perfect heaven and eternity while you fry in hell."

I always say, "thank you" :) and squint my eyes as they walk away.

My Mercury in Scorpio, does my mind, because I have Neptune in Scorpio, I think this...

"thanks, fuck wad! What makes you think I do not have a secret love affair with your God??               He comes to see me every night while you sleep all drenched in his glory from the day before when you begged him for me and did not really mean, if you cannot begin with decent conversations and ideas rather than "ignorant, silly, stupid, un saved,...
yea, you think you are saved? Please go to Sierra Leon and see how saved you really are..maybe you can help the wretched a little before all the heaven business.
and....further more,
lol, if I am ignorant, you are fat!

When I was a girl, I would sneak in to the church library for the priests and deacons.
There were so many books that of course, I went for the big one with paintings and pictures.
I can still recall the painting of a man and a woman..naked..grayish, with horrid snakes going through every orifice of their bodies and their faces frozen in conscious misery..
It could fakin scare a girl to Timbuktu!lol

Oh, Happy Full Moon, I will pray for you!

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