Friday, August 14, 2015

oh my venus

why do I love to linger on you so
why does my brain not erase memories which should be done and done for
each thought each action has become this
what ever this is

 I want to say that I am so caring that my heart aches for you
or is it our chemical connection drawn by an erupting dragon's fire
when saw you the first time I though of the dragon and it was repulsive to me and yet I lingered too close and it pulled me in like a black hole sucks everything it can and will if it gets too close..
this is where your light
your being
your you is no more
you've become a part of that darkness which pulls all light and it is gone

somehow babe, you've made it out
it was like tearing your guts out and as if your head would explode from crying
it is like being stuck in a sapphire water fall for eternity
so pretty from far away
Get farther away babe, you say to your self
find a talisman to protect you from pain and mistakes
sing to the highest powers that be

take the blessings of your forefathers because some of their cells are you
but walk away from oppression from name calling from persecution
right now
right away
smile at me and say
"good day sweet honey flower momma"

I love you and you can walk freely and easily through this day:)

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