Saturday, August 8, 2015

she said, "yes, I would", and thank you

Beautiful cool nights in Michigan make for the quite the contentment and good sleeping.
Great brain food, sleep, because when you wake up refreshed, you can cut some dang good soap or read a book and learn something.

I won't make lists, that is up to you. The thing is to say that, there will always be some sort of strife. One of my long lost loves used to say and perhaps still does, "when this money comes or that money comes, we will be in a better place."
A better place is not us just waiting around of course.
A better place is practice and hard work. Unless of course you have a benefactor who loves your boobs and gives you hundreds of bucks each day and millions at night..
No magic wands doing it anymore?
That is because the metaphysical realm is not able to come here and change our future sorrow. never has and never will.
Our brain can change anything. We just have to not have so much pride, that we can't change our mind if need be..

I do not spend all day philosophizing, the rest of the time, I try to work on ideas to make them real.

Sexy Summer Blend

15 mls cacao absolute
5 mls ylang ylang
5 mls rose absolute
2 mls lavendula agustafolia
1 ml vanilla co2
I mix this into a 8 or so ounces grain alcohol and there it is. Fresh, sweet, floral and sexy.

It does come on a little bit odd. The dry off is perfect. Like, ylang ylang and rose kind of have to marry each other before they can be soft together. I feel like vanilla guides the way top that end and then lavender having mixed with vanilla along the way is soft, sweet, floral, sexy...
Perfect for now. I am a patchouli woman all the way which is why I put patchouli in the soap made with this blend in mind.
For soap and vanilla it is another story.
I added many more top notes and plenty of them in order to scent a soap cream properly heavy.

There you have it,
Sexy Contentment Soap!
cacao ylang ylang rose lavender soap

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