Friday, August 28, 2015

If I were a brick layer, I would throw a few bricks at the head of Monsanto

If I were  a carpenter, I wouldn't need that boy who will make my oven outside. Hee, hee, I am so excited that it is going to happen.
Nice right? Not mine...

Meanwhile back to what is is cold here. Unusually cold for August. I remember August as everything being scorched. Not this year, cool nights and crisp sunny days with cloudy days in between. It is like September here already.
I do not mind. I love an open window.

So, I hope you are all well and happy as you read this.
How is your skin, good, right?

Sometimes I like to see what others are doing and then I can rate myself in a way.
I bought a sulfur soap for my girl who breaks out during her menses.
It is really bad some months and I feel for her, really. I remember when I was 17.  She has discovered thyme oil. Potent and burns so do not just put it on all over. you take a little drop and dab and bad area, one by one.
Also, one needs to take probiotics. I feel as many others in the health industry, have concluded that probiotics and intestinal health are the keys to over all health.
I sound like a commercial!
This whole fermented cabbage business has me in a tizzy. How can salt and cabbage go so wonderfully sour?
I mean just a couple of tablespoons a day and, wow! Zing!
So today, I will buy supplies to make this for us for the winter..It will sustain our need for the extra little bacteria to combat the baddies..
It is all about survival in the end even for the smallest living things and when we understand as a human race(wow, how hard is it?) that it is better than wrapping all our seeds in poison and then spraying poison on them as plants, causes  problems in our cells like in Hawaii right now with fucking Monsanto! There is evidence that there are more birth defects around the farm areas which is all of Hawaii. They spray bananas a whole lot and so much more. It is crazy.
Say  "NO", to Monsanto, those fucks, who want to make our Earth last less time! The long will it take and how many deformed chickens and how many deformed babies and stem cells will it take when they finally realize how awful they are and have been?
You are worried about ISIS? Monsanto has the world..they want the whole sphere! Dude!
( maybe they are the ones who spread Ebola) ha hahahaaa

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