Saturday, August 29, 2015

My obsession with Viruses and my new book, "The Hot Zone" WARNING graphic content but not too much graphic

I am learning about Ebola, so named because of a river and lovely smart people who had to be brave enough and most died to study this very ancient dangerous little life form. It may have been on Earth right  from the beginning, more than four billion years ago. There is your space alien!
We call it a life form because it can only live when it attaches itself to a living thing.  BAMMMM!
Humans, monkeys and apes are targets for this little creature.

So it is not alive but able to replicate itself and live off of living things, and when the cells it grows in burst (with gross dead tissue)because of its growth, it carries in the air.
To understand how small these creatures are is to think of this . (period),....there could be as many as millions of them in that point. Interesting, right?
My friend, she is like, "why are you reading that??"
I love it!
Can you imagine that what we think we  is not real is not the whole picture.... that there are fields of space so great in between what we see as just a few centimeters?
I love it!

The reality of this parasite is enormously disgusting so I will not can google and learn if you like.

Yes, zombies are frikin real and they do not eat others but eat you inside out and then jump as fast as they can to the next host.
"Are the viruses alive?"
"no, and yes, they are life forms."

I read about these sorts of creatures in a book called, "coming plague" and was fascinated with the way scientists tracked viruses.
In the Hot Zone, they track it to the first guy that died from it.
He had been in an ancient cave 7 days before his symptoms..the cave had crystals like blades all over and there were thousands of bats on the ceiling of this cave. It was a big cave.  There were deep crevices where petrified baby elephants had fallen in...He got sick and his companion did not. This was in 1976..
I think they made a movie of this..but hey, I never saw it and so it goes..The Hot Zone..
They call it "hot", because the body gets really hot with fever and makes your blood hot and foamy because of the die off of living cells.

Today, some survive..but I mean, I am sure there is brain damage or some serious heath issues after the body's insides are basically melting by the second!

ok ok
I will stop because,.
chapter four is next...

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