Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"leeesen to me" Virgo Boy... a letter to someone I know may have known or have observed here and there

Don't be a dick
get your self arranged
If you are always a mess and angry, it piles up
The best thing is to hone in on your creative forces and invent the best things for yourself.
Do not be an emotional vampire..when things get real...
Try to calm yourself and be just fine because it is not them babe..
It is not the ex slaves and not the liberals, not loose women or whores, and not the dirty swindlers handling big money over there where they exploit all of our slave  tendencies to serve a lord
a team to serve its is all like a big ball of human doings..

so now you find yourself being alone..of course my heart aches for you..that does not mean it is enough to help only makes me weaker to share my precious energy with someone who throws it away for cheap internet thrills..
don't be a lazy dick who sneaks around and maybe someone would have been there for you..even if they were, you were to always make them feel bad about a thought or a a past..proclaiming that, " god only helps the sincere"
What a bunch of drivel indeed because it seems to me I am god more than any divine being could ever have  helped me. Which is not to say I haven't used every resource to expand my awareness of real life.. meditation, focus, freedom...history and real things like science..BTW we have found the missing links that prove evolution is correct...why?? well, because creation has a pathway..just like each day of our lives and what we do with this time.
You call it free will I call it the law of cause and effect..
How can it be free if there is a punishment a condition to its fulfillment?

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