Monday, August 17, 2015

looking at the planets and how they are

I can only decide if really, their influences have effect on me personally and then why?
It is because we make everything..we made god and we made the planets and we made the mythology.
It colors us and I can look at a chart one time and notice that "Oh, we have two Virgos and three Leos right now..

Yes, my lovely smelly bunnies, two Virgos and some Leos..

As August was a time of waiting and being left out of stuff, people being delusional emo fuqs, so now is the time to actually look ahead, be organized and pay attention..the best thing is, you will feel the push almost like a wind a blowin for change. And do not think that it will be apocalyptic and the only one comes in cycles change does.
Yearly cycles and in human terms life cycles..Saturn being prominent  throughout our lives as it it takes 30 years to go around the sun and we notice its magnetic effects which we've given meaning to.
In a way it is a beautiful thing to assign fault or reason, in  an other, it is also quite childish to say that Saturn has a personality of a Zeus type figure..It is not Saturn up front now,  but Mars and Venus in Leo.

I struggle and am compelled at the same time. I love to notice the effects of planets. Like when Venus went retrograde how we all changed something..our hair, our lifestyles and our lovers even..I changed my bed and sprayed the sheets with I changed my mind many times too!

"how can you be scared of horror movies and Satan if you are an atheist?"
I am scared because I was raised Greek Orthodox and the stories in the Macedonian sense are much like Dracula and Nosferatu..I was five and scared shitless.. We did not have TV or internet so every story was passed down by yia yia, my mom, and they told it in their mountain language..I speak both Bulgarian and Greek and loved every story.

"momma, why doesn't  God protect us from the devil? Why did he flood the earth?"

"well, he gave us arms and legs and a brain.."

Speaking of which and beside the fact that makes no sense what so ever..he made us flawed and expects us to be perfect to so we can escape his punishment which to me seems drastic..
I ask again,
"what kinds of  gods have we created?"
"thou shall worship no other god but me"
** which implies there are and were other gods**

here are some ideas I have about Leo vibes mixed with some Virgo...

Two Virgos and a few Leos..
expect some nice things to happen
cleaner place
hair cut
better shoes
better lovers at your door
cleaner mind
cleaner food
less baguette for me
more yoga

Moon and Mercury both in Virgo..means a check list of all you are doing or done
do not fake will show.
 Oh the Leo, you are awesome..the hard work always pays off for you..
That is all of us by the way.

I wonder what kind of soap Leo energies have brought my way..
I want some nettles in soap for some reason and I crave rose with honey.. like a wild one in a field somewhere where a house had been long ago and there is left  is the rose bush hundred of years old....

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