Friday, August 21, 2015

Autumnal shifts

There are some things, ok,everything, you can not just fix. You lived it and it is forever. Your brain is a tidy machine...easily tucking away everything...
Some stuff is big.

You've decided to change because really you have to.  You think you've come to a decision and now everything is smooth sailing.  You think you've now been able  to finally let go of all your ghosts.
( those mangy thoughts you tuck away in your brain)
Just like in your daily life,  and a couple times s year,  you must clean out everything and re organize.

I must say, this whole last year has been more about aging and well ladies, no matter how much Botox you do, you're  still    not 20. Hahahaaaa
Nope. All True.
At my job, a lot of very affluent people come and look ridiculous in some cases..;) I mean I buy shoes with padding and they walk on stilts. Lol
Fine, walk on them, who am I, the  clothes and shoes police?
A little bit ( and I can't help it) ))because there is an air of,  
 " oh look at me"
"Look at me!!"

As August is about self love and dignity in leaving, so, we adorn ourselves, I suppose.
August is about endings.
It is time to say goodbye to our'll go fast from here on.. Since the new moon  couple of days ago, I can feel that autumnal, headed our way, shift...

Adding something of your self in to the pool of  goodness is the key to real happiness  and not just walking around with your hands up crying about how the world is so bad.
My dad worked his ass off so we could live here,  I work my ass off so I can  live here. The world is not bad, it is actually safer and less violent than any other time in our past..
I say this because sometimes people forget how wonderfully lucky we are.

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