Monday, August 31, 2015

Lilith In Me

Lilith is said to be in Libra. For nine months!
Here she is, all fire and ice.

If she is a bitch, whore, or what ever name people who hate want to call her..she pushes on. And if you say to her she is "nasty"..well yes, if "nasty means, smart, funny, fit, beautiful mind, glorious creator of things rare and good, then yes..I say, "Yes" :))
She has been on the outside and saw things a different way. For this, the weak minded have shunned her. but who is crying now my lovelies..??
Who is crying?

We are! We all cry at some point or another and really are too emotional as humans..but my bigger point is really that no one can escape reality and continuous evolution. No one..not even Donald Trump..with all his money.
Don't get me wrong, I would take some off his hands if it mean  he would be a better man
"President Trump sir, what should we do with these gay Mexican Hindu pan sexuals here sir??"
"Throw them out, they are all fired!"
"Even Miley?"

As for my bitch Lilith in me..well, you'll bear with me I hope as I undress and unravel more mysteries and customs of our kind.
Of course, I will ask things..I must ask why and how, it is the way of all people who break down recipes. Sooner or later they will want to know how and why and which ones..
if people did not always make themselves so exclusive with their gods I would not have to rant so much. But they have and they have myths and everyone chants, I chant and then I hear my own inner conscious mind is in control of the chemicals which radiate through my body. it is amazing.

I am almost done with "The Hot Zone"!
It is so good. But I do not see how in 8 more chapters they will be able to explain how AIDS and Ebola are so related..well it is because they are in a category that is Phylo or string viruses..oh man!

One travels in the air, the other only in blood...all, trying to survive by eating as much meat and multiplying by consuming the host and failing when he dies and then they hurry as fast as they can to find another host.
What is it?
I am so enthralled..I did not sleep all night from the edgy feeling of viruses existing and how there are so many right now living in us.
Dig deeper?
Ok, I will..I need more patchouli for that!

My Lilith
My Lilith
you are power in me
and full range observe
full on determination
brimming with imagination
blooming with deliberation
consuming words and regeneration
transforming ideas

yea yea yea yea.....


  1. I am trending Lilith..which is an asteroid that has mythical meaning given with archetypal qualities..otherwise it is all pretend, right? I mean Lilith isn't real as much as Eve is not real...and yet her qualities are sure known to us.
    purity and submissiveness..she even thought for herself away from God and Adam.


    Plus I rant, generally about what I am experiencing rather than what others may be experiencing...

  2. I love your blogs . My above comments were heart symbols but they transformed to ? Symbols?i will try again...
    I love Lilth also ☺