Saturday, August 15, 2015

being in tune hurts some people's feelings who are not in tune

Well, you cannot fix the world. Who are you the leader of everything?
No, dedicate yourself to your science your art,  what ever it may be..your bread baking..and it does not mean opening up a tube which pops open with dough.
That is the stuff that makes you fat!
Making a dough is way more complicated.
I like to start from scratch often and get involved in the bacteria and fermented goodness which comes from yeasts and cultures.
I suppose that is how some people are in positive and free and loving relationships!

People saw me yesterday, I came out of my cave garden to see the world.
They all asked me"how I am doing?" I am way good~ I have everything~~thou art everything~everything is everything...yea!

The girl whose husband, I gave soap to came to say, "thank you."
She seemed sad and stressed over something and came and looked me in the eyes..
more like insinuating looking to where I think I said, "stress?"
"well, you know.." She is raising twins and being married to a store manager of a natural store is a whole lot of alone time with the girls. Their (managers)phones must always be on call and email duty.
I get it.
She is really pretty and wants more out of life and she is scared because it sucks when you cannot even go to the store without packing everyone, supplies and all that.
Where I was raised, the kids stayed home. In a court yard with yia yia and everyone else went to make a living which was to work the farm so we could eat all winter.
I know modern times are way better ( I love my dishwasher, dude, all these people all day coming over and being all happy and eating))
When we would go down to southern Ohio to visit family, there would be nothing in the fridge..pepsi, they drank that..
Jenny, grandma, would in two hours make biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, her own canned green beans, or rabbit depending on the season, sometimes even squirrel from the mountains. They eat hickory nuts all summer in the hills of the is so lovely!
All the grown up kids would come out of nowhere and tell stories.
Now a days, they all use meth and the whole place is high in some parts..I guess nothing is good enough for some people, huh?

Farming is hard work and no one wants to can the veggies when they are three for a dollar at the grocery..
I will say this, they had this crate of potatoes down in the cellar.
It was huge and there with potatoes all gnarly and things growing out of them..let me say, cleaned and peeled and then fried in a little oil..mmmm

I started a three day poolish to respect the new moon
2 cups warm good water
1 nice teaspoon of sea salt
6 or so cups good Italian flour..get organic if you can
mix this up but good with a spoon and cover with a clean cloth..make sure you use a vessel which can be big enough.
Put this in a clean dry place for 12 hours

"bubble bubble no toil  and no trouble"

12 hours later
uncover and add more flower and a little more water to make a dough
again cover and let it rest in the fridge for 12 hours..

Next day..
make patties or loaves depending on what you will do with your bread..
let them rise to what they want to be..about 4 hours in the fridge and then 40 min. so out to proof.

How to proof good bread.
boil a bunch of water and put it in a pan in the oven to make a steam and let your bread rise in there and pull it out when your bread is ready.
bake at 375 until golden baked and beautiful

let us begin...

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