Tuesday, August 11, 2015

essential oils are not perfume..and other smelly ideas about smelly things

Some essential oils, you must love for what they are and not have expectations of perfume smell.
It is never that and yes, bergamot can be soapy!
It is often referred to that in perfume blogs.
I love it and, as far as "soapy" goes, I can work with that.
Also it takes a long time for rose patchouli and bergamot to mix and there might be a soapy smell. Rose is funny that way. she is shy and it takes her years to trust 100%. that is why the thorns baby! Otherwise 60%  to 80% of her goodness, she allows,  is just enough to bask in her love and be in rosy heaven.

I buy rose from Eden at the moment, I buy patchouli from Sunrose for many years..mmmm, so good.
I have had some of the finest roses from many across many years., Jan Salco with her white rose oil, I would buy in ounces. Many a beautiful rose oil,  in my lifetime, has come through my doors and taken me on.
If rose were a real woman, I'd be gay for sure and a rose whore..
Don't get all caught up in numbers about %%..I was simply making a point. that we should all be a little like rose before we throw ourselves 100% with just anyone..Be always attentive to what is real and not the news channel and facebook. that stuff isolates you and makes you have unreal expectations.

That is, plant oils have their own nature, each one, having certain qualities.
Like how labdanum changes so dramatically with what ever he mixes with.
Labdanum with rose and frankincense is a dreamy, beautiful, and may I say, "a hypnotic", union?

Speaking of which, a fougere blend should happen. It is a perfect time for geranium, lavender, oakmoss, patchouli...wormwood from the garden in flower soon and for the bitter and maybe some tomato blossoms. they are pretty and are loaded with interesting components.

There should be another fig soap. "My figgy",is doing well and even though I cannot get ripe figs from her, (yet) I can still use the green ones which never grow big or juicy enough, yet..I guess it takes years of care, who knew...still, the little ones are hard and I must boil them in oil and then drain and chop or..or I can put them in raw.
 I have to crush them like garlic..that is how unripe the fruit is. I feel like they add a bitterness which is pleasing.
Wormwood for sure can add a whole lot of green and bitter..
wormwood fig with fir soap

I want to make another bergamot with choya loban and vetiver soap because, I have to say, it was one of my best things.I will steep oolong this time and use that as my water base.

I hope you are doing well and are super happy as you read this!

So, you know, I love cooking and I have been following a chef named Magnus Nilsson from Sweden (outstanding kitchen) and the crew at Faviken and one day I decided to post something on the restaurant's Instagram about the duck farmer he gets his ducks from..

I said,"I love you and want to marry the fuck farmer"
(note to self, your phone is wonkey to now spells things for you..do not type without your spectacles)

One of the chefs who responded said it was a great idea and we should all have that!
I said I was sorry and meant that I love the duck farmer who almost cries every time he kills a duck.
So sweet, he is! For lunch he has three fried duck eggs with garden leaves and salt.
"that is what a duck farmer eats", he says humbly...

I think it is beautiful to live so simply.
A few ducks on a mountain is nice..my yia yia had ducks. she kept them away from the house.

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