Saturday, October 24, 2015

Good Saturday my smelly sweet friends!

The darkness of winter is near us
we stand and now, can see it arrives
it gets closer and closer

the rain
the cold cold mornings
the long dark days and even darker nights

The warmth of the oven cooking
the tea pot always brewing
warm chocolate caramel vanilla notes in the morning as the coffee brews
crispy sour dough toast with churned butter

a nice hand washing with the old whore..golly but she lingers in oh so good of a way...writing to you and sharing my ideas..I love it, and I know you somehow..I know your heart is pure and you are smart, funny, smart cute, smart working, smart at home...

This to me is real life and the best life
no strife in the family
every one's best things unfolding
my best things that are yet to unfold as I explore myself with dragon's blood and oud, I am afraid!

Yes, aloeswood
the strongest and most intriguing substance to me right now...aloeswood resin!
Why, why do I get so tangled with that one thing for weeks until it is out of my system and then, I am good. It must be my scorpionic abilities to hone in and really study something until I am done with it.
I cannot say enough about oud, Because there are not enough beautiful words easily available in my brain to describes its interesting and unique odor.
Kind of like animal and flowers, tangy musky? I cannot..
I have to just continue to build on it its strange beauty.
It was to bring oud to the dragon's blood infusion, I had been working on. It is almost black now with both the addition of each dark oil and a little activated charcoal..not too much but just enough to make it very dark and almost purple black..

black hearted dragon

dragon's blood ground up fine and melted with coconut oil and olive oil
a little bit beeswax
pine needle
one drop coriander
fir needle
nutmeg co2
one drop clove
more myrrh
more vetiver
more frankincense

I wanted a more jelly like serum rather than a completely solid perfume and yet, this is what it has turned in to..something very deep, very complex with earthy animal notes and a lovely dry finish with myrrh and vetiver almost making your mouth water..

Myrrh is about strength and calmitude..myrrh has medicinal qualities in that it is anti bacterial and soothing at the same time..

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