Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Indoctrination and sneaky Walking Dead referances

That is when you slowly teach and guide your kids or your group to do the "right" thing.
In Greek the term, "Orthodox" translates to stand the correct word.
(How many beatings do you think I got for this teaching?)) I have a big mouth and even as a child I was very vocal))
Think about how you've been taught and how the feelings you were raised with may not be real. As a group they are but when on your own you still need to be accountable for what you feel.
The thing about living your traditions is like to be stuck a little bit.
You are roaming on automatic just shuffling along making every step leave a small imprint in the proverbial sand. (not really, when we really look a a floor for example, there is an infinite amount of space between your feet and the floor))
Also, it makes for a very arrogant sort of vibe when you think you have the upper hand because god told you so...Well he did not tell me and I say you are all pretending he did!

Like being insulted when someone asks you real questions not  just things you are supposed to like. Or what will please mom or dad. Just do not yell things at them. This gets easier as you get older. Family is not your obligation in all respects though. Your friends, the drugs you take, involve you with people that change you mind as often as Kim Kardashian  changes her tight ass clothing.
Then what?

 Do you automatically gut all huffed and puffed when you have to defend what you believe to be true? Maybe, if you are a Sagitarian, Capricornian (ruling planet Saturn in a fire sign)or any other kind of fire sign you sure damn do!The people who are feeling thinking types like me, though,       We cry alone and smile for the world.
We do this because we are two faced in a if that term is bad..I mean really! You really cannot cry over everything or voice every concern to the masses!
We cry to people we think we can trust. We cry to our mommas and we cry because there is never enough time to live our fullest lives because surviving is what we do daily..and we all die..We live and We die!

My point...
I usually read the news before I chat with you here. I see the stories from around the world and I see the greed and ignorance of man so blatant and so hateful of each other and many many other things which hurt me so much some days, my stomach is in knots from that..We are The walking Dead!
The tunic wearing tyrants ranging from golden (catholic) to black (Muslim) all professing to have a hand in how we think or feel or else God will not take us  in..but first we must suffer here on Earth and blah blah..or how about we just kill everyone except us?
Look at them and think about you and me! You and me..thinking clearly and being honest and really listening to our hearts.
What does your heart say?
Do you wish for the world to end so that you can be with god and he will only love you forever while the rest of his creation suffers?
Never! we know that we do not want that for anyone. We all live and we all die..that little spark of energy does something but we do not yet know what..

You and I, we know things. We know that loyalty and honor go with truth. We love our families. We do for them because it is better. We care for our homes and never forget this fact.We stick together.
We do not worship any outrageous concepts but we have reverence for natures beauty. We know that we create our fears, yes, but in life there are real monsters and they carry weapons along with their heavenly promises.

I know I rant about this! I know the truth, it does not include anyone having to die. "We can live together" and prosper.

Indoctrination and my idea...

Western Christian, in church praying hoping (apocalyptic desires))for the end times..

Muslim, in mosque fearing for the end times (how did they get all those Toyota trucks?)

Scientists and Natural Humans, studying The Universe and being kind....know ,that when we perish, that we should perish doing our best thing...understanding that what was once meta physical, is now understood!

I just love you so much!

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