Friday, October 16, 2015

Royal Spice 2015

It began with my London wanting things. She has a high thinking mind and conjures up stuff. Like you and me probably. I have friends who love oils and want them in certain ways and I abide, the bitch abides!
Tonie will do that and so will Shabra and Elisa loves myrrh!
This bitch abides.
Don't be scared because the royal unguent by eleneetha is done to perfection!

I started with frankincense (somalia) and myrrh, a few drops cedarwood (Texas)
I put the labdanum (from sunrose, the bestest one ever so far)
I put the vanilla co2 and I put it away to do its thing for one night or two.
Then I put the spices, the clove og, the ginger root very old and smooth, the cardamom, nutmeg co2, the star anise, the balsam fir, the tangy dry scotch pine, the pine bark absolute and a drop cinnamon and galbanum,oh, yes,  the honey summer scent of the bees wax...mmmm
Top notes are sweet orange tangerine..
The dry down is what we are looking for here because when in its jelly like phase, it can't do  itself justice enough.
The dry down is when the citrus is gone and you get the pine, the ghost of frankincense, the myrrh driving away the negative vibes and leaving a trail love and goodness..warm, smooth and delicious with honey and tea. in the woods with your musky love (er), close to you and making you glow from love, warmth and sexy tinglings...

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