Monday, October 19, 2015

Little known secrets about dragons blood

Nothing is a secret!
Especially because it is always there and you just found out about it! Some haven't found out much, That is why they are so violent, I suppose. I have a thick face to them. My heart is black for them. You know  them, so I will not even mention it again. We do not have to be a part of that! Looking for the gods to save us from our is a thick face you must take. It is a black heart you must create..fall now and again and review your mistakes...

Fear and fear of death?
It is cool, we all do it..that is why I no longer believe in meta physical sources for me happiness. I am in control of my mind and know I make things happen based on real evidence and material my brain sorts through..I will not lie to my own mind and not fear what I am...what am I?
I am very poetic and love making words bloom in to wonderful pictures of my ideas..small they may appear and huge in space and time there are!

I love dragon's blood! I love to grind it up and make goodies with it. goodies like a resinous balsam, bitter sweet feeling that dragon's blood resin gives to anything.
Myrrh, anyone?
I know you love it, I love it and I feel like it should be sacred in your heart because it is powerful stuff my friend.
Together, we have something wonderful and my focus in this next balm too!

here we have dragon's blood which has been slowly melting in coconut oil and olive oil. A nice mellow fruity one!

Dragon's Blood
Bees wax
organic raw coconut oil
extra virgin small farm olive oil
steep in hot water bath for three days

myrrh somalia
myrrh co2
frankincense India co2
vetiver organic Haiti

allow to cool for a day or so and then dig in..
Myrrh is wonderful with dragon's good!

I really want you to have one or three of these!

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