Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November Ideas


November to me is about making changes for practical reasons and really getting ready for the cold times.
I say take care of your skin even though you are working hard. Take care of your liver and your kidneys by drinking water and be sure to really fine something new to learn. It is a Sag thing. I feel like this is the time to explore some higher calm and make good things just right.
I love this new cleanser.
I hope you get to try one.
My themes in oils will be myrrh based for a minute or two because I feel like it is a wonderful oil when skin get thinner..there is myrrh in this cleanser even though it is not listed in the ingredients.
I wanted to wait and see if I like the way it cleans before I put a bunch of expensive oil in it.
It does and really nicely.

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