Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hello again October 11th

I am going to create my day right now and plan the weeks soap making.
I often make soap on Monday or Tuesday and then I make oils and creams on Wednesdays..I ship stuff on Tuesday through Thursday..
That is how it has been for a while now. It is nice  to spend time at my shop a couple of hours a day before work and facing the out there world of commerce.

This week, I am making more patchouli soap along with a couple of other things I should make more of.
I want to make something else..but you know, what with the holidays coming, one might think all there were, were spruce smells..
I wonder why we can't use spruce when ever we wanted to?
We can.
And cinnamon..not for me!
I want the old whore on me. I want to wash my hands and get her for a long time on my skin..having softly settled in to a musky goodness which I know is my scent..oak mossy, patchouli, vanilla notes..incense..I swear, I can pour frankincense on me all day!
I don't. Dabs and bindis is all...:)

I was looking at Mystic Medusa's blog and she has a link on a natural perfumer who uses brandy and essential oils..the scents are cancer would smell of...vanilla and amber (who wouldn't love that?))
I found it intriguing....

Interesting and expensive..If I am going to spend 200 dollars on one thing, it had better be something more practical..besides that, is silly to assign herbs and essential oils  to astro myths.
I feel like it exploits our intelligence in a way.. Also Libra does not want to smell of basil and sage when she greets her lover!
We love smelling good!
Don't get me wrong, I like the whole idea..I do..but to me it seems like lying in a way.
I tried it for a while and it was too scripted to suit me and my style of essential oil art.
I do like all the scents described. I just do not want to smell like basil when a  Cancerian smells like vanilla...Maybe it is why I keep changing my blends! Who  wants to be stuck with that one thing all the time?

How do you think about this? Do you find power in something assigned to your astrological symbol?
I can no longer see the value in such practices. I find that most of these myths do not serve my modern brain at all but simply add to life's little pretend games.
So then, why are we so drawn to these ideas?
I ask myself now..
Does it empower me to do better and make more money?
Does it make me more confident because I know it will attract more lovers and someone who wants to smell me up close?
Does it satisfy my greedy nature in knowing that I am "special" now and can afford a 200 dollar perfume blend?

It seems like a whole lot of money on one hand and on the other, one must know that really good oils are expensive and perfumes require copious amounts..not just drops.
I get it. products like this have many other expenses..the designer the labels and the 100 thousand little bottles that must be paid up front.
Us smaller artisans of scent, do not work or think in this capacity. It is bigger than we care to tread..and so we continue on, making special little treats for unique minded individuals one at a time and the best things for each time that we need them..

I love you so much!

Have a wonderful day.

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