Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I have been asked to make more balms for winter time

When the air gets colder, we get drier. Our skin suffers in the wind more than in the moist shady days. I am making new  balms!

I have been asked to make a balm that is spicy and brings warmth and attracting ideas of heat and love and money!
I love to make things which are intended in this way. It matters in the final product. It is like you give attention to it and it molds itself in your brain.

Here are my ideas for a winter balm which I am working on for eleneetha's...eleneetha aromatics

top notes will be sweet orange, tangerine and yuzu

middle notes are clove cinnamon nutmeg co2 a drop star anise and black pepper infused olive oil for the base of the balm..so gentle and warming at the same time..

base notes include labdanum
myrrh so we can pull everything together

the ginger and clove by the way..I feel should be gently counted in drops..and the cinnamon bark as well.
drops because, with spice, it is all you need.
The base is pure delight as far as I  am concerned. Seriously frankincense and myrrh along with the sweetening and alluring factors labdanum, brings to this wonderful spiced cider and hugs blend.
I do hope you get to enjoy one or three, :)

Oh, about before with my so called poetic prose, sorry I get dark sometimes..but words just flow some days and I say what comes forth..It is what happens when I constantly review my life's opportunities.

I hope you are good and that life's joys and delights visit you every day at least one time or Three!

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