Friday, October 2, 2015


It is a somber time when Saturn makes a move and let me say, Saturn has moved. Don't worry, it will not always feel this heavy.
I am not complaining. Saturn always brings me down a little bit. That is a good thing. I shouldn't always be dancing in the streets. Okay, a little shimmy!

I am still in planning mode for the holiday specials I aim to have at the shop.
I like the ideas I had before but today, I know, I will make revisions based on practicality and effectiveness.

What do people want? They want to have nice skin and smell good, right?
Well if anyone else passes by me with that fake ass vanilla while pretending to be spiritual because they burn nag champa,..I will stay quiet and not care and mostly, I will stay away. The perfumes alone repel us from them.
I have been wearing the old whore with chypre. I made a really rich one this year and I feel I am just getting better at enriching my instincts on scent.
Going forward, I will continue this "magic" and I will continue to learn.

I have a nice Somalian frankincense I just received. It is lovely. (white lotus aromatics)
The ghost of frankincense is on the way. Oh, I will make it good, my pretties.
Also, I had made a lavender sage soap that I thought no one would like but me, and guess what? I sold every nugget..I do sell everything I make, always, and the question is, how much do I want to make?
As much as I wan to! That is the answer and it is a profound one. My abilities and what I will do with eleneetha aromatics still stand to be revised.
I have such a passion for oils that I tend to go off track..left field, off the beaten path..and that is well and good, but I notice people want to re live the older soaps that had once tried and loved.
You cannot go back, babies!
You can go back but you cannot go back all the way..oils change, plants disappear, dry out and otherwise change each year. Even the old whore soap has changed from the first batch I made years and years ago.

The going back all the way..that goes for lovers too.
So in knowing this, maybe you can move on and forget the losers who tried to bring you down the dark hole they called a love affair..(this blog is not always sweet and dreamy))
That is no way to live always being nervous that you are being stabbed in the back by someone who says they love you.
The same goes for anything.
These ideas are the same in business as well as friendships.

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