Sunday, October 4, 2015

looking at you through mist less glasses

Mars must be in Libra and war is happening on earth again and again so it is for me to at least be aware of it and not to have my head in the sand about politics and the religious wars in far away places. In business,
I tend to be too creative and really don't like to keep to many files and follow too many rules on business.
It is time my friends to look at business, my business, with open eyes.
That means look at myself and get my packaging neater and better than I already have.

I am keeping with the paper wrap on the soap bars.

It is neat and clean and stays that way in the time it would take to use from purchase to till them.
hasta entonces
I have never much cared for naked soap!

It is the bottles,  see? I change them because I can. I like blue cobalt and I love frosted bottles but when I do not have any because I would rather spend my budget on neroli and sandalwood and switch it up to be able to do that, I am.
I hope you don't mind..if you use my oils and creams.

I can never actually use the same paper  and have it look the same..or can I?

If a big company like Whole Foods, wants to carry my products, I would consider this idea, blond uruyu with very nice recycled paper labels, I would consider it. It is hard to change, but change we must..with every rising tide we must move to safety or be swept under an ocean's current which doesn't give a rat's ass about you or me.
 I guess that is my point..about life love business.
Make too many waves and people never not make any and they think you are lax...

Enough about the them business..

How about some new creams, yea?
That shea butter thing I offered at my shop got some interest and juices flowing across this world of ours and I thank you!
I am so glad and honored to make it for you!
It seems that we get hooked on having fragrant and sweet beautiful skin and  we want more shea butter creams.
When I run out, it is when you guys run out. I can go through a four ounce jar in about a month if its good. If it is lemon balm, years. It is not for every day.
Everyday Creams should be easy and be able to carry other scents you may put on later.
It is like a base fixative..this is why I never use rose hip oil in the morning.
I make sure it is washed off in the morning!
I can smell rose hip oil on anyone within a couple of feet from me.
Good thing I love natural perfume because my nose is a good nose for detecting odors.
This is why I have chosen some really nice oils to carry scent in the morning.
Let's say you just came out of the shower having used a beautifully crafted soap and smelling heavenly, of vetiver and bergamot, and you apply a nice vanilla shea cream and then as you proceed through your "get ready" phase of the day, you dab on a little pink grapefruit? 
That is mixes with your body's scent and makes you and others happy. You can use a little dabn of lavender or later some is all good.

Be happy and say what you want.
If people take it personally, too bad..say it nice and don't cry, if people feel like yelling at you, calm them down, say the truth and why you may be  mad mad mad, but don't hold it in for years and then burn slowly inside while you pretend with a smiling face to be content..
say want you want and work for it a penis..:)

ohh....I said penis twice this week!


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