Saturday, October 10, 2015

thinking feeling types

It can go both ways when you are a thinking feeling type.
One way is being very very intuitive and the other is thinking too much about something and making it too big to handle and whoa, drama in the brain syndrome..ha ha ha ha
Yes meditate, but do not think because you are pious or being good that all people will love you and all the things, (tings) will be good and right.
People go through  their own things..and are dealing with other stuff besides you and your troubles. Some of them are not that smart.
You know what I say? "Eh, whatever!"
Yes, feel, but do not be unreasonable.
There are things to be done.
Real things for yourself.
I think a whole lot of things will change for many many people this year.  Saturn has made his move and that always means old structures breaking down. "You are going to change, I'll show you how!" Saturn says, even though it is not as sexy as when Rick says it..(walking dead)

"You must change, the way you've been doing and living may have been necessary for a time,  but now is different" Saturn issues are when you have had a tooth bugging you. When you realize you've aged quite a bit. Your feet hurt more. :) You break up with a bad lover. He sucked, yo!
This means time alone to ponder and plan..the best things are...
When you contain yourself more and hunker down and learn. When you can be armed with knowledge and kindly spoken words, not the way things look.
I feel like there may be and I say may be, some arrogant pompousness..hey man, not everyone is a saint and just because they meditate, it does not mean they are not selfish or insidious..The point is to spot them out and study them..While keeping yourself guarded.
I am often amazed at how many people want tarot readings and astrological advice.
I cannot read the future but I feel like after years of study in philosophy and physics and planetary shifts..I can only say, I know less and less about more and more..we all do!

Now, back to me and what I want this coming week.
I want more coconut oil, that really nice olive oil I got last time for Spain.
I want you to be happy and use the old whore soap before you go out in to the world..:)
Have a wonderful Saturday!

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