Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello Tuesday Planning...

and world, hello world, mine, small that it may be..because I do not relate to any of the threads in the world news and such.
take that story on Yahoo about the shroud that has the imprint of Jesus..but it is not him..9.999999999999999999 not him..(what a silly argument)
and still you get the ire and hatred of people of faith who want to hate on anyone who says different..dude, chill  out and look at your own life before you call people names, is what I say..
also...if my ideas make me an atheist..by the way I don't know that I am that...I know I am not going to believe in talking snakes or a punishing force in the universe based on how many goats I own and how many I slaughter for him..or as they do in Spain, throw a goat out a tall building on to a sheet held by three or four believers..yea, they still do that..

So..if my ideas are so bad, let us review them   My ways as a so called atheist...
I am hard working fucking awesome at my age dancing bear of a momma and lover of art and my momma...
I am forgiving and caring and always bewaring the strangers and jackal  and cowardly types
who ponder and sneak upon my pearly gates and yell at my door...humnn, keep moving, I work alone..
I am a creator through what my arms and hands provide, I walk away from anger and sigh..
I would never hurt you ever!  I would want the best things for you too then we could trade like before and live easy lives raising ducks on a mountain and fucking when we want to..not each other, necessarily..
if god watches that, he must love it when we do it..I feel like he is is with us then...

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