Wednesday, October 14, 2015

:)) now what was it I said I would make for the holiday specials?

I am not crazy! I just forget to not make plans when Mercury is retrograde!

Ok, The specials are still gonna happen and by November, which by the way is right around the corner, I will make it a little more clear at eleneetha aromatics. eleneetha aromatics

I will illustrate a little better on the offerings as I create them. I like having a one day special on Sundays, so I think that is a good idea...
I am getting too excited about everything, that is for dang sure!

The most current and  super fine old whore batch is what I would like to share with you today!

An end piece with perfume glaze having run down the sides..oh man..

I sprinkled more vetiver on top of the limy cloak and let her be. Was it the artemisia or the oak moss which set her heat to such high levels as to be almost too much to control?
Was it my super powers of organization and skills which made her so ready to roll?
I do not know..I like her so much, she is a best and super fine kind of soap bar!

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  1. wow, i am always seduced by this one in all its transformations. (no matter how much soap is on deck)
    looking towards the holidays . . . remember rich witch body butter - 2011/12 winter i think? hmmm maybe?