Sunday, October 11, 2015

you wanted (a rough poem about Lilith and Me)

a gentle woman and then you got me
you thought there were fairy tales about a pedestal of some sort where a woman stays pure and virginal the whole time she lives and of course you are wrong..but if she falls off of that pedestal...
otherwise she is a whore
a slut
a trollop
a cunt

Oh my goodness I said that awful word about a woman who was maybe a jerk that one time and now she is branded a jerk or a bitch..because you need someone to blame and yes, she cuts peoples head off..but I am not her, see? I love, I forgive, I move on from a pain that was not mine to suffer. Maybe you, you want to deflect shame..your shameful thoughts..deflecting and finding the next one, perhaps,
some one to hurl stones at so that you can hide your secrets and those same things you hate in others.

Did you think it would go on forever?
How long could it go on?
I say, just the right enough time..just the right enough attention to itself..this energy you seem to think exists. This vibe you seem to it what you've always wanted? Is this what you have lived and worked so hard for? I hope so, because otherwise it seems like a monumental slip and continual fall where nothing and   no one is elevated enough to know god....and by god I mean success, contentment, happiness and joy in life right now...otherwise, what is it for?

I know you think I am writing this about you. You are  like that person in that song about dreams and clouds in coffee..look it up.

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