Saturday, October 3, 2015

well now, Pisces rises again and aromatic ideas for the enrichment of our lives

I mean the quality not specifically that Neptune (pisces' ruler)is fishy or artsy or has anything else besides the rulings of ancient people that did not understand how big of a place we exist in. This always poses the question,
is mathematics real or did we make it up to soothe our quests?

Pisces can be on the best quest. For the next few years and it will be not so easy, and I say, when have they done anything which didn't take complete submission to the needs of others.
I love astrology for the psychology of the personality types. It fits my profile and it serves to take a good look  for all of us on what we associate ourselves with and especially who we'll appoint  as friends and mates.

For all of must be met with honesty and remember you will not get away with any thing if you keep telling yourself lies. and then you convince yourself and there is no budging even though you know that you made it up..or do you?
Some do not. That is why they cannot move past a certain point or it just seems that way really.

Virgo, should not think these are set backs but Virgo should look at what is holding him back.
It could be a rigid and very religious up bringing where Virgo must and I say it twice, must move past his prejudges. It could be as simple as not liking a certain food or of course cultural.
We all have these tendencies and I myself am learning new way to use language as to be not insult one's dress or beauty..too much or at least not joke about it in from of my very liberal minded
I'll give you an example;
as I drive my daughter places...we chat..a woman dressed as a green cucumber with high heels and saggy belly fat passes along the road..
"she looks like a fat cucumber"
"Mom, you should judge people by the way they want to look, that is projecting shame on others!!!"
" yes but if someone loved her enough, they would tell her that it is not appropriate to be half naked on the streets?'
"that does not mean that men get to abuse women or call them sluts just because they can't control themselves?"
"I know dear, I was just joking with  you and men have penises and want to do things with them on many women"
I would say only 10% of all humans are actually loyal to their, with the internet, you get "hook" up and have affairs super easily..
I bring this up because ..of Saturn and how that planet will effect all of us greatly in the next few years..its magnetism not mythology..a little myth:)
For Capricornians mountain climbers, slow and easy is the way and it will take time to spread your greatest seeds ever!

Let us make something now and have a rest..kind of like our little resting site..beautiful smells and sounds surround us..and we are contented...

My aromatic reprieve is as follows:
In order to please a long beloved soapie, I am making a special in bath oils.
These will come in 30 ml glass bottles with droppers.

Here is my offering which will post on etsy later today..

Frankincense Neroli Jasmine with Sandalwood

Vanilla Rose

Frankincense Davana with Cardamom and a drop nutmeg

Have a really good day:)
eleneetha aromatics

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