Wednesday, October 21, 2015

spoilers walking dead JSS my review so far

If you have not seen JSS please stop, otherwise here is what I think...

Carol is of course the star of this one. She is ready and came through with cold instinct and realizations beyond what in opinion is Morgan's self serving philosophy. She was ready to do what needed done and her first knife kill was awesome! "I had it" Morgan said..yea, well it is not a contest, I say..
He is so wrapped up with the rules of goodness that he forgets to protect himself. in a gun fight , one staff would not do shit! And he let those wolf  guys go with a word, like a kung fu! Where are they, these masters, today, puta? Stop pretending you are holier than thou with your self righteous what I am thinking...
I would defiantely train with a staff, it was my personal favorite weapon when I did train.. I am am thinking he had better get his shit together or move on, go hide..hide, Morgan..but only  after you kick some real ass!
That is the really hurting reality, right there..Rick has had to over and over, see it and know what it takes..Oh Rick! Hurry home, there is some big thing going on!
Carol, crying in the car, Carol crying on the porch..I loved it!
Morgan, saying, "I am sorry". Did he kill that horse face guy? I do think that he did..seems like they should have kept one. Carol had no time to find out or how many more there may have been to kill. I understand that she was beyond caring about "all life is precious"
I like it when at the end they both had some raw truth about what it takes to survive by each have to submit their darkest thing they  never wanted to submit.. Carol, when she has to do the really dirty work, having trained to always be alert or get beat, Carol always planning a food meal  as to always try to not get beat up..alert now, now to anyone who tries to harm the group. Her family!
Carol having to kill Lizzy (The of the best episodes)) who almost killed Judith because she was that psycho!
Carol, maybe having overreacted a little when she killed those two really almost dead sick People..oye, that one upsets me..and her, having to lie to parts of her team is so raw to me. She was smart to take weapons. I would have been transparent to my team.  That upset me, like what is she up to? And then, I knew and Morgan saw, that is is always ready to move and be defensive! She is a better Ninja that even him, yea?
I was so scared when I saw the guy with the machete chopping on the head of that woman who was smoking..I guess Carol could have been nicer to her, since there are always worse ways one can die..and all she wanted was a nice pasta dish, too! She smoked the menthols!

Listen, Michone is best with a sword it is true, but even she, has a gun on her..get it together, want to live here and be safe, you get a gun.  You train and you become a must train! Being stealthy is one is most of the thing..violence with killers must be met with intelligent fortitude..right?

(In real life I do not have a an apocalypse, I would go get one..good thing this is just a story!)

Oh, the Enid thing, she is a plant..she has been there a couple months now and she snuck into the woods regularly and we got to see how on her own being that young how she had to cling to life. Eating raw turtle..
It will be really exciting! I am wondering  how they will survive the herd a coming? How did the zombie drive so well in the truck that had the horn?

Just Survive Somehow

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