Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mystic Medusa says Lilith is in Scorpio oh yes oh yes she is

Now, I  have said this before, but, astrology is weird to me! How, why does it work? I need real answers, man!  Is it a hormone that spews out of our brain to make this connection? Then as a group it creates an unseen energy which we make strong with said energy?
I am sure that is what it is and there is not a real demon witch with powers beyond our understanding and control somewhere sitting on my imaginary Neptune and Jupiter and Mercury in the tenth!
Yea, so Lilith huh?
I see it in a way. My life in the public changing. Obviously, Lilith has shown me in a flash of insight how she dwells in us as women. I get too chummy and then challenges regarding boundaries for sure for me...
Look, all I am saying , is yes, you are brilliant, but, these pedestals exhaust me!
Do not let people change the truth and make you in a to a scape goat.That goes for all of us and of course my little Scorpio stellium in the fun!
Lilith was banned like that, and guess what she said, "fuk off, you putas, you all suck!" That is what happened in the stories anyhow. All lies with hints of the truth mixed in. The reason she has power is because she keeps her cool and is able to walk away after asking too many questions for the men to handle. Lilith..
She will fuk your guts out but you know that is never what love is, love is loyal power to make a bigger power that lasts and that means giving up something of yourself  not dissolving your power by wretched innuendoes to make yourself look better than you already do. Borring!
This also goes for all of us.
Lilith in Scorpio can bring many things to the top. Now it is our task to skim the pain away.

I wonder what she did out there alone all those years? There were stories that she would steal your babies, but you know they lied about it. It was enough for herself to survive let alone steal babies and eat them! She ate roots and berries out there and it made her stronger.
She was banned because they did not like her ways and she was too independent. She loved sex on top and that was too much for the men who all fuked her...that one way.

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