Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Customers finding what is meaningful now

They say nice words about me. Even after I rant here and scathe at whatever atrocities  composed by Earthlings!
 Never in the soap I make or my food. It is my grace, if I may  say "my grace".. my babies..never, not on something I love. I tried that and ruined many a batch of beautiful fats and fatties..in a soap batch with fine oils, this can mean to upwards to 400 dollars hundred each batch..yea..the old whore is special!

Rushing, worrying and loud accusations can ruin a batch of soap faster than I can say, "I am coming after you!" I will too! I raised too many teenagers to fall for the cutting business and all that ..It is like we get depression for too long!  If I am too lenient as to be afraid to tell my kids how things must be and they have so much time to indulge in this depressive train of thoughts..dude,no! Too much time mulling over that one..hmmm, I wonder which parent they got that from?

"You will not loose your grace!"
"You will find what you love and do it well!"
"You will change what does not work for you now!"
"You will work!"

I  sometimes get scared about what is going to be said on etsy about me. I then, remember, I am doing my best and how bad can it be? I lost something, or sent the wrong thing or one time, everything leaked because of the jars being cheap. Man, you learn! I still have those plastic purple things!
I got new jars. They are expensive and last a lifetime. You can wash them and boil them and no parts come loose to spoil your intentions. They are at best 10 dollars each and at worst 18! Life babies, it is all about wealth out there and some preciousness that do actually deserve it. Like of course, you are willing to pay good money for a fine frankincense! I have one that I just wear a dab or two and nothing else.
You keep some things always a secret and never let out your promises to yourself.          
Some things must be a gift to yourself. That is the real power of the goddess!

What do you find precious?

I could make a list but that would be boring. I know, I do it all day, really. What do I find precious today? I find my Bolivian coffee to be delicious! I hear birds singing!
Yesterday was good though! Sunny, and very much comfort. Open windows, fresh air, no cold at all, yes! None of my seedlings died and everyone made it through the cold spell we had for a month of bitter fking coldness..:))
I had heaters going and covered everything at night with a plastic and then comforters. Ha!
More babies! The thing with plants is that they want to live and be happy! Most of them do, and some do not make it. Everything turns to space dust!
 Everything is everything! All life is like this!
I planted many seeds. I will not list them because they do not like to be talked about specifically. They are shy and worry about who knows them. I feel that and so it goes.:)

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