Friday, April 22, 2016

Yarrow Balm

I am brewing up a batch of balms. It is essential for me right now to make something blue. I do not know how to explain it but when I smelled another witch's yarrow balm the other day, it blew me away!
I need one and I want one of my own.
I have a glorious yarrow oil from Eden and some blue cham too. I also have and excellent carrier base of oils in stock. How nice it is, indeed!
Yarrow is so soothing when your nerves are at an edge. Mine have been for a few days because as a Libran, I am always incensed at people's injustice and unfairness.
"no one said life is fair"
Yea, how is it that the people who mostly say that are at the top pf the money chain?
lol and how about that??
Maybe and who care about politics?...
You should care enough to see who is running your money, your town and your is all political and which words you can say and what you can wear and how much you are allowed to earn at your station..I only bring it up because it is about psychic balance in the end.
Accepting and not really worrying about the outer big world.
Yarrow is about protection and doing all the little things..
If you will notice, yarrow is a normal looking plant from far away and then you look closer at all the details, the tiny leaf fronds and the flowers so miniature and perfectly formed  all individually comfortable.
It is like they formed a tight bond but still have enough space between them to be free and roomy where they are. This mean acceptance and allowing for others glory. Don't be a twat and say mean things and if you do, it will not bother our little yarrow who says, be, be beautiful for you, not them, not any of them..they will not see it, they will always will quickly state the truth without the drama some lower types like to invest in.

Yarrow is about not giving a shit?
I had hoped so, because when I got some sort of skin eruption  the other day from too much adrenalin after quietly, giving someone "a what for",  I  put yarrow on it and it went away in an hour..mostly, it still itches me because I ponder on things too long, when yarrow says, leave that be..come with me..we will sing a nice song..we will laugh hard and long, we will worship this full moon, that brings awareness and not gloom, that brings success and not despair, that brings protection from psychic werewolves and a whole lot of freshness in the air!
Om, shanti, shanti, shanti....

Blue Chamomile
Organic beeswax
Organic unfiltered olive oil
Organic super seed oils

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