Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Last Day On Earth TWD The Walking Dead Review of Season Finale Season 6-16

I have said this before and I will say it again.
"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"
Okay, maybe I am not a fool..but dang, I felt all bereft at the end of this finale. If you are gonna kill Glen, which you will kill him, do it now and tell it! Sheesh!

When they reached Terminus at the end of season 4, there was a big cliffhanger, but we had satisfaction. Rick was still secure in his bravery.  He was almost dead and if not for Carol, she blew up that thing, They would have  been dead.
I hope that they do not redo that one again. Like Carol and Morgan coming over there and saving everyone and Negan running away. And Then they will bury the person smashed by the bat and it will be a war to remember with Negan and the other survivors in the area. Or not.
The other way it can go is , Negan leaves them all there to grieve and cry and makes sure they are good and learned and so, the war still begins.
I am excited. Sort of. The luster and anxiety has waned. I want to see Rick get it together! What the fuk was he thinkng getting involved with Jessie when she is married? I wish the writers would stay consistent. he is noble, or he is not. I realize it is a bad time on Earth and everyone needs to change, they do, they have to. Killing people in their sleep, is low low low..Jesus maybe lied or he was a dumb ass too.
How did they not study things before they jumped in to killing people in their sleep?
No wonder Carol lost it. yes, it is too much. You do it and see if you might all of a sudden break down. You would and I would .

I hope you have seen this episode  by now and that way I do not have to rehash what happened and tell the whole story. I mostly want to talk about how great of an actor Andrew Lincoln is and how bored I am anytime Carl and Enid speak. He is dull to me, Carl is, and I feel like he is bored as hell acting as Carl or he plays too many video games in real life and he is actually boring. I don't want to talk about Carl.

One thing the writers need to do is get Rick's mojo back. If he had one before, it is breaking down and he needs one now. How they will manage that is beyond me, but it needs done.
I know there was no really good way to deal with Negan. He is bad, a killer, ruthless and big.
Big things fall. I am excited about that.

I will leave this review for now. I will think more on it and perhaps say a few more thoughts..maybe this is all I need to say.

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