Wednesday, April 27, 2016

new little rolls on containers with good stuff in them

I bought three colors. a muted green one and sharper green and the a purple one.

I did not screw this one too tight because even though they say "refillable", the roller thingy is really meant to only go in one time and then that is that. Pulling in and out makes it weak and then it spills and gets messy. I mainly wanted to show you how they'll look.

I am thinking about what I should make and fill these with. I am thinking a three way with glorious intentions. 

I  Morning Anointing
II La Bruha
III Divine Invisible

La Bruha for day!
You know what someone said the other day to me? She asked me what I was wearing? I told her that it was a few oils and if it was too strong?
"no, it is beautiful and it reminds me of a dragon's blood blend I used to have"
La Bruha  is strong but something happens through the day and she changes. She becomes powdery and soft. I always in awe when I see and feel how atoms work!

What? Should I make it a set and do all three in a special deal for May Day Festivities?

Have a good one and remember me in a good way because when all this is over and who ever is left back..there are but the memories and words you left behind..glimpses of ideas flowing for people to respond to.
I will always think of you in that best way.
That your morning is gentle to awake and your day is filled with excellent companions and your nights have dreams overflowing with happiness and adventure.

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