Friday, April 1, 2016

Norse Mythology and a nice story and wunjo

The Heavener Runestone is a large stone located in the Heavener Runestone State Park in Heavener Oklahoma that has runes (ancient Viking letters) carved on it. There are many people who believe the inscriptions on the rock were made by an ancient Norse explorer who incredibly traveled to Oklahoma centuries before Columbus traveled to America. Most experts do not believe the carvings on the stone are that old. If indeed genuine, it would mean the ancient Norse explorers traveled much further into North America than previously believed.

My rune of the day was "Wunjo".

Let us celebrate Wunjo then. There were other runes which became a part of my focus today. 
I chose the Perdo for inspiration because in reality, I am tired and want to stay home and listen to the rain and eat some fine viddles..duty and life's realities await

Wunjo, is like reality. It is like be smart and trade fair. It is about fellowship and attracting like minded fellows to share your time with at work.
wunjo wunjo wunjo
attraction like minds

I do have that so why am I so lazy?
ha ha ha

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