Sunday, April 24, 2016

The peoples history of the united states by howard zinn no spoilers and not a review

It is a long one and each chapter makes me question and wonder about how slow we actually evolve.
Take the British (The Pilgrims)conquest of the new world to be just that the Romans before that and this and the Romans dressed as soldiers in 1066 and the Romans killing Jesus and his lookalikes in that era and the Romans killing off what they could so our lives now can be what they are.
This book has given me such a precisely clear picture of life and just 300 years ago. It was not that  long in the whole scheme of things.
Anyhow, when you realize how slaves were brought here and how they have always been slaves and that is how in Africa they were able to subdue the slaves because raised from the start to be sold to other Africans  throughout Europe. Slavery in the 1600's in Virginia was way different. When they were finally after about 6 weeks,  arrived, it must of been gross. No all alive of course..dragged here to there new lives crammed and shackled  in an 18 inch tall little metal bunk.  .Yes, for the whole way. Starving because after a few weeks, the slavers would not even go down there for fear of being killed by pissed of hungry big men with muscles. ..kind of like sardines and in hot disgusting conditions..led by Christians. It seems like being noble meant something else to them.. inhumane anyone?
Aso do not tell me that they were not really christians, their names are on a list in some register of was and is today just that.
Slavery in the early days was gruesome and mean and horrid and I do not see how it kept on so long that there is still resentment against blacks in the south and  all over The USA. In the early days (18900's), in Detroit, they would beat the freed black who arrived.
Humans! They hate outsiders! There seems to be some bad patterns, yea?
The way I see it is, if Christianity serves a noble purpose in the dogma of faith, then how could they continue on so long?
 Every other nation had, yes, even the muslims to some degree, they just enslaved their own people instead.
Humanity seems to always want the upper hand..and they use god or in the case of slavery, they kind of do not talk about it.
"slaves love your masters" Paul
They do not have to and you can tell me that Paul used Jesus to spread the word..that love is always  better..I still think He, if he knew Jesus so well, which he didn't, it was 80 later, so, He spread the word and it was good.. Right..did the slave trade people not follow Paul's writing in the letters to the Corinthians or which ever western city that was just fine with it.
Slaveryof Africans  was just  not like Andrew Jackson and many before him (by 1700, there were a million Africans here), they decided to completely destroy the native population because they were too proud to be their slaves and therefore must be destroyed. It was not just him..
They all did it from the get go.  Not that first winter of course, the pilgrims were starving so bad, they ate their dead and only a third of them made it. How did they repay the people who showed them good info about life here? Well, I do not have to say more, unless you read all the fake deals they made to keep the Native Nations always with another empty promise and pact,  more as to push them to leave their lands and go further west.. Read about The Creek Indians who were a huge working society..dead all.
The much..I can't.
Is is truly something to cry about and I am only on chapter 8! lol

But, back to Paul and his awesome power to spread news, yea?
Well, isn't this  the time for all of us, to think about what is best for the future of all, not just your family and no just your gods and your nobility, what is that?

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