Tuesday, April 12, 2016

kindness and saturn and all sorts of settlin in

I have many chores today because I like a clean floor:)
I wanted to say, "hello" anyhow though.
Did you know I think of you often?
Have you seen me in your thoughts at a per chance moment?
Good, because I like it that way.
I like it when you come to me and adore my goodies.
I made them with pure intentions every time because when something is well thought out, only the best things can it bring.

Think about what you love right now so you can know. So you can grab those thoughts and keep molding them and working on them and tweaking what needs fixed.
Yes, things break..they do.
You fix, you adjust and when something does not sit well with you, you then make a intended choice to repair or leave it be.

I am never leaving you be. I will bother and praise and tweak and remind you of how much I want the wonderful happiness for you. You are mine as I am a child of this amazing Universe, what ever that is..you are mine and I am yours..

Should I start singing right now?

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