Monday, April 25, 2016

New Body Butter Anyone

We want lotion and butter and oils on our skin but when we think about what we want to smell like in springtime, we stop and can't really decide. Is it just me?
I love vanilla in winter but this time of year I want earthy goodness.
Not  always in an oil but a cream. I did enjoy  La Bruha Bath and Body Oil after my bath and now it is gone. I used it like a whore. I think I love that combination and will keep her around. She is here in a cosmic sort of way anyhow.
La Bruha is vetiver and patchouli with a beautiful rose geranium, one drop, yo, frankincense and choya and she is so so good.
It is the vetiver  isn't it?
It is the vetiver than stays and leaves you with something and it is the vetiver that is willing to bend and to receive.
That is what she will become, my new cream body butter..she will be,
 La Bruha Supreme Spring Balm

Here we go
shea butter
a drop or two melted beeswax, organic jojoba (because it goes on smooth and soaks right in), marula oil, organic sesame oil, and my super seed blend with the black seed oil and the raspberry seed oil and the acai oil..
Your skin will breath and each time you listen to your own breath, you'll get a waft of goodness, musky, woody, sweet aroma of you.
The patchouli does not stand out as much as you think, it will only sweeten the earthy nature of this balm.

Please have one, it will come in those back obsidian jars and be something special and not overly priced..
eleneetha aromatics

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