Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Calming Cooling Cleansing and with Neem

I am pretty happy right now in my work. I have been thinking I want to put turmeric in soap, not too much, for a long time now. I wanted to use neem oil with it because my mind got stuck there. I feel like everyone is breaking out around me? Or, is it because I am always looking in some way to make tee tree oil at the least, a little bit enjoyable? It is all anyone can ask. :)

So, thank you to a wonderful day of soapmaking, I did make this delicious treat-ment for the face and other body parts that may want to enjoy tea tree oil.
I mixed this with spearmint, organic, usa, delightful and bright because spearmint and tea tree rocks the house!

You know, it is said that spearmint brings one joy and clear the bad air around anywhere. I like it. Talk about aromatherapy!

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