Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It rained and a bit of the astro myth to ponder on

Spring is so so good and so wet and springtime wondrous!

If you knew how much work went in to this small space, well you would know why I am kind of sore in my everything today. It is the best kind of sore when your abdominals  are tight because you are tight..
Your core strong and not weak from too much crying or too much anger. Just hard clean work in the bright sunshine. My face was even tight from the rays and then it rained in the deep night and woke me. I thought about my cat out there so I got up and let her in. I keep the garage open for her just in case she gets left out..yea, I loves her! Her name is "kitty" or "baby"! I am not calling her "charley"! My kids are wacky sometimes! "Charley! Ha!

We got a whole lot going on and that is why Mystic mentioned about Chiron and Uranus  doing some thangs together. I feel that quick flash of insight has developed over a few months and reached a peak as of last week. I feel like things may or may not simmer down. Maybe more deaths? I do not know the future and all I know is this, that work is the main thing that makes you a good human.

As far as philosophy, I am not the one. I would call myself a smart dedicated witchy good woman who is always seeking reality and truth and not some bullshit lies made to enhance egos and status levels!
I want to be a poet for sure. I love Bod Dylan's words. He can rant all day and say sentences which make me think and ponder on life. I love all my teachers in this life. Thank you!

My springtime poem for this day will be something like this;

hello there my lovies
remember me
I am here thinking of you and what we can do
together in thought
connected by right actions and
love for our kin
forgiveness and open mind always
like feathers or leaves on a mimosa we are feeling the air
its ways and its sharp sandy bites
we protect and gather
we release and open for getting when moist winds nurish us
always full
always overflowing songs and cheers
expecting the best for me and you together
all of us
feeding our mother(earth) good things
she is sick from the poisons of war and greed
 we can heal her
she is breathing in to space right now and seeking to renew
let us breath with her now and always
divine mother oh divine mother..

our divine mother carries us through space
we have been forever before
I love you

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