Friday, April 22, 2016

cocaine fueled dancing and bad ass singing, yup, it was the eighties

Prince is dead. I thought he looked awfully frail the last time I saw a random video of him with the caine..awe. He died! I am not crying per se, but 57? What now, is Madonna gonna die from drugs too?
I like Prince. I loved many songs of favorite, "kiss"
"I just want your extra time and your...kiss!"

It is all about the extra time you are willing to invest in someone.
I hope he did not die alone is always nice to have people who care about you and spend time with you.
I feel like drugs make you go away though...they make you hide and make you not do creative things anymore..because everything becomes a chore and your joy in life becomes drama and innuendoes and strife! Or, you think you are reaching nirvana but really you are rotting like the rest of us. The living rot slower obviously.
Fuk, innuendoes and do not raise your voice to me! ha
"I don't want to stop, till I reach the top, baby I'm a star..."

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