Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A cold day in April

It is chilly out there right after a lull and a fake out in March with 55 degree weather and then bammmm, a blast of winter. So, yea, it is chilly. I have been doing well and I am happy as I write this.
I am happy because I love you and I love my life and I love oils so much.
I hope you do too.
I just got my order from Rivendell. I knew there would be a special difference in their oils. There is. Small farm goodness is where it is at. Check it out and thank you, my Blacker Than Black!
Rivendell Aromatics

Let us make things that bring happiness and joy and use words today which make you smile and bring realization and joy to others.

Blend today for me..
Rose geranium (Rivendell)

patchouli sultriness

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