Saturday, April 16, 2016

water and what is it really

There is such a thing as "heavy water" because along with the one hydrogen and two oxygen molecules, it has a third, deuterium..yea and it exists all over the place in space!
Also, and I know I say things over and over, but this means that we are older and came with that water to seed this planet. That is how creation works. We did not just flash in to existence. Creation has all the time in the ..all the time!
Maybe there is a god, your god, maybe there isn't anything like you made up in your mind but it is all flashes of memories locked away in the cells which need all the water  to survive and each one carries traces of said memories..that is how we make up gods and saints have magical powers..they came before us and we came after..our cells may remember more that you think and therefore being psychic, or telepathic is real because of logical reasons and not magic.
Not to say that magic is not is sort of.
Take for example, the other day,..I arrived to work and a witchy co worker approached me and told me she was sick all day. I know why she was sick and I did not say a word but peered in to her eyes and I said nothing but I listened to all her symptoms..head ache, nausea, lack luster frame of mind..the works..
After we settled in to our tasks, next each other and me asking questions about each task..
she said, "oh, I feel great, what did you do, you witch you!"
I thought her well and made sure she forgot her dilemma having to figure out lists and what not..ha ha ha
I has listened to her symptoms, and then, dismissed them, without saying a word.
Am I psychic or just smart? I know, not about everything, I am not.
Like I did not know about beanie babies and they made fun of me for it at work..
"what, were you in a cave or something?'
"I was in the jungle reading books and making flat bread putas , beanie babies!"
ha hahahah oh oh ohhh
No, I was not raised on technology and having common toys. My mother when I was a child made me learn things like sewing and making bread. In the jungle I learned about making bread in the the heat, yeast goes nuts!
But back to water and what are we? All I know, is it is older and was around before  nothing!

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