Sunday, April 10, 2016

hello for coolness in the north

It is cold here and all my seedlings outside have needed tending. I have had to put the heater and down blankets over them at night because I do not want them to die.
I have so many seeds and they are mostly organic. We will see what happens.
Lots of peppers that I like this time. Sweet ones, and super hot ones. I love all sorts of peppers in salad and roasted with cheese...mmmmm
Chilies provide many many healthful benefits to great health and immunity. They are high in all sorts of good helpers like vitamin c and of course, the hot stuff, capsaicin..spell that..

Do not think that I am laying around, I am not and that is why I can't sit down and write my poetic verses as much for a minute..
oh, wait..I have one..

It is an ode to Mars in Aries..along with Saturn and our Sun in Aries..enough of them so I  looked to see why a couple of women got in my face last week. Putas! LOL

Oh, I've ejoyed your hot visit, you faking rough ass puta
but now I must go
Because I don't like you thinking you can say wretched words to me and not leave a mark
You maybe don't know that I have Mercury in Scorpio and I am at times bereft (now)at your uncivilized demeanor and manipulative tactics. I can see something and it shakes me up a little until I see that it is not me at all..oh, is hot, fire and is you!

Words and behaviors...., bitches, fuking cunts, ya putas of low whoreness..(LOL)

You leave a mark and I cry but you just do not seem to mind. It brings you cheap joy, you won!
It has made you weak in my eyes but you might think that it is strength..ha!
Again, I say,  you like to put yourself in that high slot like you've had enough. Look up, it is a long way.
You haven't, you know that..
You will yell and carry on at someone else later and wonder why you are so lonely and fat and ugly for sure..why else would you consume so many laxatives to detox yourself, never once thinking about the reality of what it takes to keep the goodness. It takes love and caring and not being a cunt..smiling and singing and not being a cunt..reading books and thinking and well, a clean kitchen makes me happy, I don't know about you..

Did I say, "cunt" too much?
Think of it in the British sense, not the Puritan sense.:=)

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