Sunday, April 10, 2016

my number one diary

It is this. Saying words to make ideas. It is my favorite thing in life.
I love essential oils as much as I love to think of new ways to say my scent ideas. It is because I am a witch of a haughty Libra nature and I am a powerful force to be reckoned with and I can see things you might have missed?
Maybe. I can, maybe, and mayhap!
I love my wonderful ideas, I have to say. I also feel the people that I love. I feel them, I see their faces and I love them. It hurts me a little when they are suffering. I am always the observer to chaos..ha ha
You think I am gonna cause chaos?
Well yea, I have been a catalyst I suppose. Not today! I am a helper and friend to all.

Aries folk are on fire and they could be happy right now if they let go.  You do not have to suffer just because of the penis, ladies. Let yourself really be alone if you can and be free from depending on other to fulfill you. They cannot and the more you want that, the more they might draw away..
It is like not give all your love away to swine who can never nurture but only peck away at until you are left bereft.
The people that need love the most are maybe the ass holes who do not deserve it, I know, it freaks you out if you think too much about it.

The Mars and with The Sun and Saturn is significant.
I love the Aries person, the surround me so I had better. They can be overbearing and yet create the most beautiful art and they are swift to learn, like all goats. I feel like I can rely on the Aries to do the right thing.
Now, this can go across the board for all of us with all this big energy, We have a chance to do the right thing by someone and rely on loyalty and a little charm.. I meant hot fire, anger and hurt feelings. Why anger and angst and not charm? Because the fuk, Saturn wants to play! Guess what, he sucks! He wants to ruin your game and talk about discipline and lists. Tyrant, anyone much??
Saturn is a downer but how one can over come this, is by, well, letting it out once and for all and then forgetting the thing you cannot ever win by and rethink your life. This the time to change, you will no matter what, so might as well do it now. Saturn is actually in Sagittarius right now and that makes a nice trine to Sun energy.  I was wrong about Mars..or was I right? Aggression from some? Too bad, do not let people scare you! They yell and carry on but it means nothing. Some just pull away even more when Saturn is involved. I kind of do and I also notice that time restraints become more pronounced in my day. Saturn! Can't I just have a nice long shower?

Yes, cold feelings and cold weather, lol,  in the North here where there is ice and rain right now. Like an ice blizzard, I say!
I have seen it before which means I am aging..:)
I hope you are getting all you can from your day because tomorrow comes fast my lovies..and don't give me this, "my back hurts" (saturn) it. Stretch now and yawn a little and try to be free from restraints of social bindings. Be what you IS all good. Really, we are good. And I will stop babbling!

Soon I should talk about my review of TWD, season six..I am still mulling it over..soon I will say thangs about Rick and Mayyyy.

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