Sunday, May 29, 2016

palo santo and dragons blood

There are a few people who love palo santo. They love it. The question for me is, how do I make it so I like it in a soap or perfume oil so I will love it?
I have tried.
I made a roll on oil for my little love in a far away place and I wonder if she will like it.
I put the infused dragons blood and I also put the myrrh. A lot of myrrh. I feel like they belong together like long lost lovers who finally came to their senses and have submitted to their need for each other. I feel like myrrh brings peace and elegance and it is one of my favorite oils of all time.
Palo santo bugs me a bit. Almost as if I  look at  and ponder a lover of a friend and wonder if he will be kind and good to my lovie. I do that!
Palo santo comes from South America and Myrrh from the very hot Middle East yet they are from the same group of tree. Yea.
Remember this, you attract what you are and so anger in another is something that reflects on you and shows what you attract an in your heart and nurish in your mind. There is a notion that your most secret thoughts come out sneakily in your words. I will make my secret thoughts to be of beauty, art, food and wealth, good health to all, wealth to all and self realization to all. It is really the best way as if lovers from long ago came to their senses and found each other at a better place and both willing to do what is right and delicious.

Myrrh is about coming to her senses and being calm. Palo is about bring strength and future evolution of thought patterns.
Everything, everything is a "spell"!

...and she muttered a shanti shanti om,,,,

dragons blood in organic jojoba
palo santo
choya loban


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