Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mercury puta or a hot rock?

It moved in the same ark or whatever in front of us in front of the Sun and way intense I guess. (all I can sing about this is, "burning yearning") Mercury makes us stressed and anxious yes, and it is because we might be doing wrong. I think if we are doing wrong, it is a wake up call and one might have just missed a bullet...these are things I always look at with Mercury..
What kind of lessons and proclamations are there made. "learning yearning"
If it was a placebo effect that Mercury was intense..well.. then my brain is really something.
 Our brains! It must be a weirdness and and organism which works like one thing rather like ants but we just do not see it because we're all in it. Like,we always thought god was in the heavens and when we went out there, there was only the heavens and empty space between the big burning rocks close to stars and the rocks having evolved to make life.

Maybe God is in the words you say with each breath containing scent from deep inside you...

Life, it is in the dust and it takes iron..oye!!!
Too much right? Iron can kill us and has to be present for life!

Look at Homeopathy! How can it work? How can one atom make such a big difference? It is a placebo that works! That is how and telepathy plays a part. I think one atom does matter, obviously, look at how we came to be..traveling on a spec of a spec of iron..
Telepathy between animals and humans is not a rarity or something we see as meta physical today. We know that by a look we can disarm a child or love a kitty more. If a tiny piece of dust with iron can carry a whole civilization of creatures in its tiny little structure, then I can see where a tiny little molecule can linger in and make a difference. How? By triggering the brain to respond to an order by you and me.. if only we could do it more.

Trigger your brain to choose the best things.

Make my, your words sweet, my breath to be clean and sweet with flourishing inspiration in mind,
I will my prowess to swing and glide though each task of my day..I am a goddess of earth having ridden on stars and achieved great knowledge and grace...whooosh!!

If you think everyone should be gluten free and wear special underwear however, I will not do it!

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