Monday, May 9, 2016

Mercury passes in front of The Sun our mother star

It only happens 12 times every 100 years!
Does it mean it is an omen?
No! Stop with the omens!
Does it mean that astrologically we will experience more emotion, war, overheated arguments?
That is all the time babies. I like to give it a meaning because I think mythology plays in to our psyche as much as our own dreams color what we are, say  and do.

Never the less, I feel like Mercury is  high,lighted by all of us earthlings who have looked up and thought about fate and why karma.
Everything you do stays with you forever. Simple as image of what we've carried along with us so far.
 And, if the great saints and sages of Earth had any glimpse of anything Godly and messages and hints,  it was that.
Call it sin, karma, baggage, lies, dirty phone sex with is all the same thing, generally and each one of us are colored by our regional needs and desires.
You did it, it is done and cannot be undone.
We only move forward or stay stuck all the time in anger, resentment, hurt feeling and all for what?

That is the question..for what did you break that friendship forever? For what did you yell?
I know you are tired and your bones ache for the druggery of work.
Or, is it really druggery?
I guess so, if you are dong it for someone else and they are mean to you and you hate it.
I am a hard worker really. I worked all day yesterday and it was for me.
You have to work. It is the way of survival and readiness for the more challenging task ahead.

It is never as bad a Rick working for Negan, working for another, I hope not.
I happen to just be working for a pretty good collective fellow. He is a fellow all day..there are women but they are kind of all formidable because you never know you true limits until they show you. You need limits because otherwise you get burned. I know my limits in the outside world. Inside, I will always love my family and my mom and pour that love in my food and soap blends and I shall  always love you!
It is called attitude and what does it have to do with Mercury.
I Think very little unless I say, burned out much? You could be!

Today will feel Mercury's path around the Sun and in front of us. The heat, the fire, the diamond in the rough.
And yet, you will see the diamond who refuses to move or grow but stays stuck in the carbon among the ashes..

Maybe all of us do that. refuse to grow because of ideals which have long burned out and now have an opportunity to shed the ashes and become diamonds. Is Mercury going to be sucked up by our star The Sun and engulfed in flames?  Not a billion years maybe and us along with her and Venus..
I am not scared. I am happy to be here right now and know this;
We have become us more than many times over and time which is God...ohhhh is so big...

Allow our life giving star, The Sun, to throw some new waves colored with the remnants of mercury's  journey in our little corner of time..Be sweet and do not carry on about the small stuff begin to fix the big stuff.

Mercury passes in front us in front of our mother star... ideas.....

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